Want More?

Sometimes a site needs more than a single page. We can help build a social strategy, add an email marketing campaign, create regular blog updates, film video content and even add WiFi for your customers.


Social Strategy

We can help you design and set up social pages. We can show you how to manage them for you on an ongoing basis.


  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Free WiFi!

Businesses that offer free WiFi can see an increase in around 70% of foot traffic and 70% or sales. It’s worth considering and easy to set up.


  • Less than $100/month
  • Simple setup instructions
  • Poster and stickers Included
  • Secure Access

WiFi is an inexpensive way to increase customer loyalty and separate yourself from your less savvy competitors.


Email Marketing

Emailing your customers is still considered the best form of online marketing worldwide. We will help you set it up and offer Best Practices guidelines and support.

Things we like:

  • Regular Newsletters
  • ‘Autoresponder’ Setup
  • Website signup forms
  • Delivery Statistics


If your goal is to publish and interact with your audience on a regular basis, we can help. We can design and set up blog pages/sites and help you get going.


  • WordPress Creation
  • Cross Platform Delivery
  • Themed Designs


Marketing Packages

We can arrange for the design, printing and distribution of marketing material.

With things such as:

  • Menu/Flyers
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Branded Bags
  • Postcards
  • Branded Clothing
  • Signs and Posters
  • Icon List Item 8

Video + Photography

We can help you with anything from a few pics for your website to a corporate video with complete editing, graphics, music and lighting.

Some examples:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Photos
  • Staff Photos
  • Corporate Videos


No BS Guaranteed

Not every business needs a detailed Instagram strategy.
Not all of us need automated email campaigns.
So our guarantee is this:

If you don’t need it, we’ll tell you.

If all you need is a simple website, that’s what we’ll do.

So contact us today for



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Free WiFi

Email Marketing


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Q: How much?

Of course it depends on what you want. Around $500 will get your business a good looking site with a domain name, photos, business and contact details.

Q: How about an example?

This site was designed to show you how effective yet simple a site can be. It’s just a few pages, but lists everything that is needed to tell you what we do. It’s worth about $550 in design time.

Q: What about social pages?

We can help set up Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and twitter pages for you. We can also manage them with agreed updates on a regular basis.

Q: How long does it take?

It depends on what is best for your business of course. A simple site can be as little as a couple of days.

Q: What is the first step?

Let’s chat about what you want and take things from there.