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Our Promise To You:

Trying to deal with IT, websites, online ads and all that other confusing stuff can be overwhelming. But for all small businesses, the customers are out there – and you simply need a better way to attract and keep them.

If you are thinking about an updated website, online sales, SEO, social pages, email marketing, online marketing but don’t know where to start then start here.

We have a no BS guarantee. We started this agency to help small business find the most cost-effective way to bring in new customers.


We Help Small Business with:

Website Design

A Facebook page just doesn’t cut it these days. We can design, set up and manage your own site that is Google (SEO) friendly and effective for your business. Always cost effective, business minded and to the point.

Online Marketing

Advertising on Google or social or with display ads can be complex. We can help you build a strategy that targets your demographic and even (re)targets your recent website visitors. It’s an increasingly complex field, but these are cost effective and easy methods to bring in sales.

Video Production

We can offer short video filming, editing, lighting and even scripting services. Rent our equipment or we can do it for you. We can show you the editing tools and graphic software for screen-based videos too.

Office Efficiency

Are you still doing things with paper and pen? It’s so easy to get stuck in the old way, but it could be costing your business time and money. Let’s look at how we can improve things like orders, record keeping, customer reminders and marketing efforts. A more efficient office means an improved profit margin.

Email Marketing

Dollar for dollar this is about the best way to market your business. We can set up and even manage a simple system to promote your business with email newsletter marketing. Features such as A/B Testing, detailed analytics, retargeting and optimisation are all big terms, but they are very easy and cost effective to implement.

SEO Strategies

If you are wondering why your competition is ranking than you better on Google, there is a very good reason: it’s their SEO strategy. There are some cheap tools and simple strategies you can apply to your own business to improve your rankings.


Podcasting is simple and can be massively popular for your product or business. We can help with production, editing, equipment advice and getting you listed on all the major directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify, TuneIn and the rest of them.

Staff Training

We offer one-on-one training in website management, podcast & video production and Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word and Excel).

Customer Analytics

Using sales data, website data or email data, your business will benefit from better reporting and better analysis. No more assumptions. We just love data and will show you how your business can benefit from it.

Online Bookings

Is your business a restaurant, gardening service, clinic, salon, surgery, transport company or anything that takes a booking? We can set up a clever appointment system or general booking system with features such as online payments and email reminders that help your customers find you and purchase your product.

Online Processing

We can add things such as booking forms, shopping carts, discount coupons and secure online purchasing to your site. Today’s customers are just not responding to the ‘Call us now’ text on your site. An online sales system is what a customers expect.

Learning Systems

Be it for internal staff training or an online course product, we can build it for you. A build can include course work, assessments and grading. Professional looking and visually appealing.

Helping Businesses on the Eurobodalla Coast

About the Principal

Guy Bower has worked in small business for just over 20 years with experience that includes business management, several directorships, staff management, extensive website design, blogging, professional writing, graphic design, project management, advanced Excel analytics, sales and marketing, event promotion and learning management systems. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma in Marketing and Communications among other qualifications.

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Four Reasons For Building a Better Online Presence

So people can find you

Your regulars know you and what you do. The rest of us might not. Both locals and visitors need to know where you are.

So people don't go elsewhere

Those last minute shopping decisions can be decided upon with just a web search. If you are not online and do not show what you have, people will skip right past you.

So you can grow your business

Relying on foot traffic can be OK some of the time, but not all of the time. There are plenty of small businesses that used to be here that would rely on passing traffic too. It might not be the best way.

So you can show off

And why not? You work hard. You spend time training your staff on how to do the right things. People need to find you. Otherwise, what is the point?

Punch Above Your Weight With



Punch Above Your Weight With



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