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Building Websites for Small Business, Local and Online.
Far South Coast and Canberra.

 Super Fast

We can have a modern and professional website up and running within a couple of days – and it’s all done for cheaper than you think.


‘Hosting’ is where your site lives. We show you how to set it up or set it up for you. The same goes with email.

 Web Training

If you want to build and look after your own site, we offer one-on-one training sessions with everything you need.

 Menu Items

Your customers want to know what is on the menu. A menu should be on every single restaurant website.

 Being Social

We can set up and manage social pages such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. These are great ways to keep your fans up to date.

 Cool Videos

We can offer short video filming, editing, lighting and even scripting services. Rent our equipment or we can do it for you.

They’ll find you!

All restaurants rely on holiday traffic and this is a holiday area. Getting online helps people know you’re there.

  Getting Fancy

We can add things such as booking forms, discount coupons and even secure online purchasing.

  Hot Photos

Does your website need quality pics of the locality, people, your business and even your food? We can do that.

Every Business Needs a Website

It does not need to be complicated. Sure, you can add all the bells and whistles if you like, but all people really need to know is:
A– you exist;
B– what you offer; and
C- where to find you.
On top of that the site needs to look good. It should not be more complicated than that.

Do you think

Number of restaurants and cafes that need websites
Number of 'local' restaurants and cafes that have websites

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Four Reasons Why Every Restaurant Needs a Website

So people can find you

Your regulars know you and what you do. There rest of us might not. Both locals and visitors need to know where you are.

So you can grow your business

Relying on passing traffic can be OK some of the time, but not all of the time. There are plenty of small businesses and restaurants that used to be here that would rely on passing traffic too. It might not be the best way.

So people don’t go elsewhere

Those last minute shopping or dining out decisions can be decided upon with just a web search. If you are not online and do not show where you are, people will skip right past you.

So you can show off

And why not? You work hard. You spend time training your staff on how to do the right things. People need to find you. Otherwise, what is the point?

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Q: How much?

Of course it depends on what you want. Around $500 will get your business a good looking site with a domain name, photos, business details and contact details.

Q: How about an example?

This site was designed to show you how effective yet simple a site can be. It’s just a few pages, but lists everything that is needed to tell you what we do. It’s worth about $550 in design time.

Q: What about social pages?

We can help set up Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages for you. We can also manage them with agreed updates on a regular basis.

Q: How long does it take?

It depends on what is best for your business of course. A simple site can be as little as a couple of days.

Q: What’s the first step?

Let’s chat about what you want and take things from there.