Training Platform required a redesign. The site was rebuilt from the ground up with new course functionality, eCommerce, membership set up and graphics.

Online Trader Training

This site was built to deliver fresh and unique educational material to aspiring traders. The site is built with a course infrastructure and delivers multiple courses to users with assessment and monitoring capability. Link: TradingCourses Homepage

Training Membership Site

This site is built as a private training site for financial traders. Build features included all graphics, content, logo and layout design. The site functions as an online course platform including student registration, monitoring and assessment.

Membership Site

This site was built to operate with private membership delivering financial information. It was built to include regular updates, course/training features and user interaction.

Membership Site & Newsletter

Operating since 2008, this site provides financial trading information to private members. The design has evolved over the years including several design face lifts/overhauls.